About Us

real. deep. family.

Courtyard is in Fayetteville, NC.

If the military has brought you our way, welcome! 

Courtyard's motto is real, deep, family. That means we love each other enough to show up as we are, on good days and bad ones. We dig deeply into each other’s lives and the Bible to be amazed by what God is doing among us and in our community. As family–with members from around the globe–we gather around Christ to share homemade communion bread, to listen, lament, learn, and laugh. 

We are a non-denominational church. Those with a Restorationist background, like the Churches of Christ, will find a lot of what we do familiar. Some of us come from that heritage. Others have histories in about every other denomination you can imagine, and some have no faith history at all. Doubters and seekers hang out with us too. Whether you’ve been in church your whole life, have never stepped foot in one, were burned by one, or need a new one we have a seat at the Table for you!