About Us

real. deep. family.

Courtyard is in Fayetteville, NC.

If the military has brought you our way, welcome! 

Courtyard's motto is real, deep, family.

That means we love each other enough to show up as we are, on good days and bad ones. We dig deeply into each other’s lives and the Bible to be amazed by what God is doing among us and in our community. As family–with members from around the globe–we gather around Christ to share homemade communion bread, to listen, lament, learn, and laugh. 

Our roots:

We are a non-denominational church in the Church of Christ heritage, but many other heritages bless our church family, as well as some from no faith at all. We pursue a sense of belonging across diversity. Doubters and seekers hang out with us too!

Courtyard stands on the core beliefs of the Christian faith shared across all denominations:

  • God, the Good Creator of all, seeks a relationship with people.
  • Jesus is the One sent by God to live among us as the image of God, who modeled for us perfect love, and whose death and resurrection. establishes a reconciled relationship between God and people.
  • This peace is available to all and is entered into by God's grace through faith, and is sealed with the Spirit at baptism.
  • The Spirit of God lives within us to equip the church with every spiritual blessing in order to make God known.

If the Church of Christ is your home, you will find much of what we do familiar.  Some values we love from the Church of Christ include:

  • living as "Christians only, but not the only Christians"
  • in our discernment: "essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, love"
  • celebrating the sacraments of communion and baptism
  • servant leadership with a plurality of leaders
  • deeply studying the Bible together
  • the full participation of all people by the Spirit's gifting
  • relationship with other Churches of Christ with common values to help us see what the Spirit of God is up to on a broader scale!

Those who find a home with us are often (but certainly not limited to):

  • international families who have moved here to teach through EPI
  • military families looking for an ecumenical or contemporary Church of Christ
  • people who desire college level Bible study that embraces complexity over legalism, while also maturing in spiritual formation
  • those who have been hurt by churches and need a safe space to rebuild faith and trust in religion. (Doubt, hard questions, & lament are welcome!)
  • those who have felt lost in big churches and desire more opportunity to participate in the life of faith in a family environment
  • because a friend said, "You have to visit this church. It's like a family!" 

We admit we aren't for everyone! We do church differently on purpose because "different" is exactly what some people need, and we're dedicated to that mission of healing and maturity in the love of Christ. Maybe we're exactly what you need. Whether you’ve been in church your whole life, have never stepped foot in one, were burned by one, or need a new one, we have a seat at the Table for you!

Gallery of some recent life together moments: