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Visiting a new church can be scary.
We get it! Let us alleviate your anxiety.


Service Times

Bible Classes For Children & Adults: 9:30 a.m.

3rd Sunday In 5 Sunday Months: Zoom At 10 a.m.

Worship Service: 10:45 a.m.

Sunday Social: Zoom At 7 p.m.

Last Sunday Of Every Month: Agape Feast: 10:45 a.m.

Wednesday Book Club: 6:30 a.m. On Zoom

Common Questions

“What do I wear?”
“What if my kids are rowdy?”
“Which door leads to the assembly?”
“I don’t know anything about church.”
“But there are people in there…”.

Have more questions?

Top 12 Questions Answered

  1. WHERE DO I PARK? Park anywhere you like in the circular drive outside the church. Handicap and visitor parking is marked.
  2. WHAT DOOR DO I ENTER? The door for worship is upstairs. There is another door downstairs that leads to classrooms, our food pantry, and the coffee bistro. You are more than welcome to go in that door to get a cup of coffee, talk with people, or just sit before you come upstairs for worship.
  3. WHAT DO I WEAR? Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. Others will be dressed in t-shirts, dress shirts, sweats and dresses.
  4. HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO DO? There is a printed Order of Worship in the foyer when you enter the building. It will guide you through every step of the service. Song books are there too if you prefer them to reading the music off the screen. Someone friendly will approach you to make sure you are comfortable and have what you need, whether that is space to be alone or a hand to hold.
  5. WILL THERE BE SINGING? Yes! We will sing together (gift of song not required)! We sing classic hymns and contemporary worship songs. We have an a cappella tradition, but we also sing songs with instruments.
  6. WHAT ABOUT THE BIBLE? We will reference the Bible throughout service. If you don't have a Bible and would like to use one, we have plenty you can borrow from a variety of translations, in English and Spanish.
  7. WHERE WILL MY CHILDREN GO? Children typically remain in the assembly with the adults because we love the move many churches are taking toward intergenerational relationships in churches. We learn from the children, the children learn from us, and we participate in church life together. The children have their own bulletin they can turn in at the end of service for a prize from the Treasure Box. You are welcome to bring quiet toys or snacks to help your child in worship. There is also an audio-fed nursery if you prefer. The sounds our kids make in worship are a joyful noise.
  8. DO YOU TAKE COMMUNION? We take communion every Sunday. The Lord's Supper is the highlight of our time together. Gluten free bread is available, and the juice is non-alcoholic. The bread is always homemade.
  9. IS THERE A SERMON? Someone, a trained member or someone on the leadership team, will preach a sermon that is between 10-30 minutes long. Each of our leaders has a unique preaching style, so the sermon may be inductive, deductive, or even have a creative twist. It will always be rooted in scripture. Sometimes our time in the Word is more interactive where we discuss a passage together.
  10. IS THERE SUNDAY SCHOOL? Yes! There are classes for adults and children at 9:30 a.m. We treasure this time to dig deeply into scripture. Big questions, critical thinking, mind-blowing insights, and transforming wisdom are highly encouraged!
  11. WILL I BE CALLED OUT IN WORSHIP AS A VISITOR? We will give you a coffee mug with welcome materials and tell you we are so glad you are here. But no one will put you on the spot to introduce yourself.
  12. WHAT IS AN AGAPE FEAST? We host an Agape Feast the last Sunday of each month. These have been called “Love Feasts” in church history, like in the book of Jude and 1 Corinthians. We do Sunday service as the 1st century Christians did on these Sundays. We sit around tables, share a feast, talk about the scriptures, sing, pray, and take communion. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner with egg casserole, a theological purpose, and the Lord's Supper in the middle of it. There is no Bible class on Agape Sundays. You are welcome to the Feast whether you bring food or not. It is an honor to welcome you to the Table!